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Born: 22 April 1948 in Bangkok

- B.A. (International Relations & Political Comparative)
- Politic & Governance in Democracy for the High
Ranking Administrators Course, King Prachatipok
- Married to Chutima Worachat, a travel article
writer, and have 2 sons.

Work Experience:

He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand in 1969 and was posted to many countries; Laos in 1975, Germany in 1979, Turkey
in 1985, and New Zealand in 1989. Presently, Prabhassorn is the Minister Counsellor at the Royal Thai Embassy in Santiago, Chile.

Prabhassorn stepped into the literature fields since he was a teenager. He began his writing career with poetry, short stories, before writing his first novel in 1982, and during the last 20 years, he has written more than 50 novels.

Prabhassorn received several National Book Awards and many other literature prizes for his work, and among the Novels that have been recognized are:
- Amnard (Power),
- Sheik (The Sheik),
- Lod Lai Mangkorn (Through the dragonstripes),
- Himalayan (The Himalayan),
- Khor Mhon Bai Nan Tee Ther Fan Yam Noon
(Send me the pillow you dream on),
- Sampao Thong (Golden Junk),
- Prachan Talay-Sai (Desert Moon) and
- Dek Chay Maliwan (A boy named Jusmine).
Some of the novels have been turned into movies and TV drama
such as;
        - Weila Nai Khuad Kaeo (Time in a bottle),
        - Chor Parrichart (Flowers heaven),
        - Khor Hai Rak Rao Nan Nirandorn (May our love last forever),
        - Khor Mhon Bai Nan Tee Ther Fan Yam Noon
(Send me the pillow you dream on),
        - Amnard (Power), and
        - Shing Tueng (Chinese Youngster)
        - Lod Lai Mangkorn (Through the dragonstripes)

       Prabhassorns literary works are widely accepted for the mastery of the Thai language, and their beautiful, and gentle sentiment. Most of his short stories and novels reflects the modern Thai society, but the most important point which are hidden between the lines are the value of friendship and the way of pure and correctively love, as well as offering the readers encouragement and inspiration to overcome various obstacles that they are faced with. Time in a bottle, Prabhassorns 6th Novel, which was first serializedin 1985, in a popular ladys magazine, and was published as a pocket book in 1986, has already been reprinted 33 times. When it was turned into a movie, it became well-loved, and won The Best Picture of the year 1992 from the Thai National Film Commission. It was turned into television drama twice, receiving huge success, and critically acclaimed. The Novel was also selected on the prestigious lists of Good books that Thai children and youths should read. Lod Lai Mangkorn (Through the dragonstripes), about a Chinese tycoon in Thailand who builds himself from rags to riches, which portrays the main character as a diligent and a man of high moral values and sophistication, broke the stereotype of the Chinese characters in Thai literature, which were previously always portrayed as evil, selfish, and uneducated. In Sheik (The Sheik), Prabhassorn introduces a young Beduin, who proud of his race and who was not afraid to stand up for righteousness and justice.

      Apart from being a well-known writer, in 1982 Prabhassorn was appointed the Secretary General of the Writers Association of Thailand. Then in 2001, he was elected as the President of the Association, a post he held for 2 successive terms, until 2005, during which time he devoted himself to modernizing the Association, and lifting the image of writers in the Thai society, and expanding the relationship between the writers and the readers in the country, and between Thai writers and writers from neighboring countries. And In order to expand the relationship, the Association hosted many visiting writers Delegation from neighboring  countries, and Prabhassorn also led members of the Thai Association to visit the neighboring countries Writers Association, and signed MOUs to further encourage closer relation and cooperation to promote better understanding between the peoples of their countries.

     He also established the Narathip Award for senior writers and editors, who had greatly contributed to the Thai literature field but had been forgotten with the passage of time. Also in collaboration with the Royal Thai parliament, public companies, and various foundations, many new literally awards were created.

      Prabhassorn also suggested and requested UNESCO to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Kularb Saipradit (Sri Burapha) well-known authors novel Behind the painter., as well as encouraged and working closely with the concerning authorities in Thailand to issue commemorative postal stamps and phone cards on the occasion of  100th anniversary of 4 great modern Thai writers, etc.


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